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Our Story

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news with you. As we step into the new year, Crombies is transforming. The world has changed dramatically, and so have our shopping habits. We're embracing these changes to bring you a fresh, enhanced food shopping experience called ‘Broughton Market’.

Why you'll love this

Get ready for a wider selection of products, including speciality gluten-free options, to simplify your shopping. Alongside Crombies' renowned meat products, you’ll discover fresh produce and frozen foods, freshly baked breads, household essentials, and wines to pair perfectly with your meals. And the best part? We're open seven days a week.

We understand the joy of handpicking fresh fruits and veggies, so we're sourcing produce directly from trusted local farms. Can't make it to the store? No problem. Our expanding online range ensures you get the same high-quality, fresh products delivered right to your door.


Our Commitment to You

We're excited that most of our dedicated team is staying with us. They’re as passionate about bringing you an upgraded shopping experience as we are. Our staff will ensure that every product in-store offers great value and meets our high standards. Plus, they’ll have a blast finding new, exciting products for you to try.

While we’re introducing new features, some things will remain the same. Our fresh meat counter and innovative packaging methods will bring a modern twist to our traditional retailing.

With 69 years of Crombies' expertise behind us, we’re committed to continuing our legacy of delivering top-notch meat products.

Our Journey Continues…

For over 69 years, Crombies of Edinburgh has been dedicated to excellence in food. We continuously strive to improve, with our products’ quality and value recognized through numerous awards.

We’re building on Crombies' strong foundation to develop Broughton Market. Our mission remains – to provide you with the finest food products. This is an exciting new chapter in our story.

Stay tuned to see where our growth and innovation take us. We’d love for you to be a part of our journey.

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